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If you are running out of time or just not sure if you are up to the task of completing one of these beautiful Bucilla felt kits in time for the holidays please click on the links below to contact our customers who will make your Bucilla kits for you.




Missing Sock Stitchery

Old Fashioned Christmas

United States

Stockings by Charlene

SCM Shopping Spree


We are not endorsing any one maker over another.  We are simply offering these links for those who love these Bucilla kits but are not able to make them for themselves.   It is up to you to select the maker that you think will be the best fit for you.

 Any negotiations regarding having these Bucilla kits made by these makers including price, quality and any other aspect of the transaction are strictly between you and the maker. 

While we are not liable or responsible for the actions of these makers we will only be including links on this page for makers who are our regular customers and who have a proven track record of buyers who are happy with the finished pieces that have been provided to them.  Please let us know how satisfied you are with the pieces you receive so we can maintain a list of truly professional crafts people who are available to make these Bucilla kits for you.

 Want to be added to our list of makers?

If you are one of our regular customers who make these kits for resale and would like to be added to this list please contact us.  We will require you to have a web site link or email address  for prospective customers to contact you through as well as proof of the quality of your workmanship through feedback from previous customers, etc.