Ceramic Murals & Accent Tiles

Ceramic Murals and Accent Tiles

Mix and Match a mural with a selection of accent tiles to create your own design

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Choose a complete mural picture.

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 Leave out the larger mural and just sprinkle your Backsplash, shower, table, etc. with decorative accent tiles.

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About These Tiles

The tiles you will find listed here are mostly 4 inch (actual size is 4 1/4″) or 6 inch square x 1/4 inch thick standard white glossy ceramic tiles.  There are some exceptions so please check the information in each listing or contact us to confirm the size and thickness of the tiles before placing your order.

Each tile has been decorated and then kiln fired to approximately 1400 degrees farenheit to set the pattern as a permanent part of the tile.  This process makes these decorated tiles as stain and fade resistant as the other tiles on your wall or the fine china dishes in your cupboard.  They are durable enough to use for indoor or outdoor projects.

The patterns were applied in our on-site studio and fired in a computerized ceramic kiln.  If you require more tiles than you see in a listing or would like to enquire about custom firing on your own tiles, etc. please contact us.  We can create more tiles in most patterns in a very short time.

We will be adding a lot more decorated accent tiles and multi-tile murals to this site as production and time allows.  Once we have all the designs listed we will be adding larger quantities of tiles to each listing.

Some of the patterns in these listings are not just for the kitchen or bath but would make a decorative addition to almost any room in your home, cottage, boat, camper, etc.  They can be mounted on the wall or used for creating tiled tables, trays or any other mosaic or tile projects you have in mind.

How to order

If you have been referred to this site by one of the retail tile outlets that we supply with these tiles please work with your retailer to confirm and complete your order.  If you have just happened on this site or have been referred by one of our satisfied buyers please contact us regarding your order.  If you are in close proximity to one of our retail tile outlets we will refer you to the one closest to you.  If you are out of the area we will process your order as a direct purchase.  If you are a retail tile outlet interested in stocking these tiles please contact us for information and wholesale pricing.

Custom Orders & Firing

If you have your own tiles, cups, plates, or ??? that you would like to have decorated with any of the designs listed on this site please contact us to arrange for a custom order or firing.

Care and Cleaning

You can clean these tiles with a soft cloth and warm soapy water.  You should not use abrasive cleaners or scrubbing tools to clean your tiles as the abrasive nature of these products could scratch the surface.   Do not use anything on these tiles that you would not use on your other ceramic wall tiles.   With proper care they will last for a life time or longer with no color fading or staining.

We will be listing these tiles with a large variety of finished patterns but it is going to take some time to get them all fired in the kiln and take the pictures necessary to add them to this site.  If you don’t find what you are looking for please contact us and we will see if we have a design in stock that might be more suitable for the project you have in mind.