Best Friends 18″ Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking Kit #82252


Best Friends 18″ Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking Kit #82252

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~ Best Friends ~

18″ Felt Christmas Stocking Kit.

This is a discontinued pattern so if you love it please make sure you don’t miss the chance to purchase this rare and hard to find kit.

The children featured on this kit definitely appear to be the best of friends as they are working to put the finishing touches on their new snowman friend.  The characters on this stocking are set off beautifully by the  deep blue sky in the background and the white snow and glittering red bow on the greenery hanging over the snowman.  There is no age on this kit but it is definitely one of the earlier vintage kits.

Bucilla felt applique stockings are a Christmas tradition. This cute stocking would be a great gift for a child or anyone who appreciates a work of love that they could cherish forever.

This is a vintage Bucilla-Felt Stocking Kit called “Best Friends”.    It measures 18″.   Kit comes NEW & SEALED!!  This complete kit includes:

  • Stamped felts
  • Cotton Floss
  • Persian Crewel Yarn of 100% Wool
  • Color separated sequins and beads
  • Decorative Trimmings
  • 2 needles
  • Easy-to-Follow instructions

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