All Aboard 16″ Bucilla Felt Christmas Stocking Kit #86435


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Bucilla 2013 Special Release

 ~ All Aboard ~

16″ Felt Christmas Stocking Kit #86435.

IMPORTANT ~ Please note that this is a 16″ stocking kit.  It could be modified to make it an 18″ kit by a more experienced stocking maker but if it is made according to the instructions it  will be a 16″ stocking when completed. 

This kit was purchased direct from the manufacturer.  The only way to get a kit in newer condition is to pick it up in person from the factory.

While this 16″ All Aboard stocking kit is very similar to the 18″ Candy Express stocking kit… and just as cute and colorful… it is a different kit.  If you look closely at the 2 kits you will see many similarities but also quite a few differences.  The main difference is the finished size of this 16″ All Aboard kit versus the 18″ size of the Candy Express kit.  While it is not a great deal of difference in size I want to make sure you understand that the size is different before you purchase this kit. 

This is just one of 8 different Special Edition 16″ kits that Bucilla has released for 2013.  They have only been manufactured in limited quantities so please make sure you don’t miss the chance to purchase one while there are still some available.  Please check my other listings for the 7 other Special Edition 16″ kits.

All 8 of the 16″ Special Edition kits were designed to be similar to one of the current 18″ kits.  They could make great pairs to hang side by side for people on your Christmas list with similar interests.

Bucilla felt applique stockings are a Christmas tradition. When finished, this cute stocking would be a great gift for a child or anyone who appreciates a work of love that they could cherish forever.

This is a 16″ Special Edition Bucilla-Felt Stocking Kit called “All Aboard”.    It will measures 16″ when completed.   Kit comes FACTORY-NEW & SEALED!!  This complete kit includes:

  • Stamped felts
  • Cotton Floss
  • Color separated sequins and beads
  • needles
  • Easy-to-Follow Tri-lingual instructions
  • Directions for personalization

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